“The Keyguard”

A species of mechanical henchmen from the void between universes.


Being ancient, and from the void, this dapper and off-kilter Keyguard is surpemely fond of his rugged top hat that he found on the planet Tellus, in the Milky Way galaxy during one of his assignments. As their unknowable creator reshapes his lackeys to resemble local species as they venture out to do his bidding, this particular Keyguard is an approximation of a male homo sapiens named Nicostratos. For further study of this Keyguard, follow this Sketchfab link.


Here is a breakdown of key inspirational sources for this project, and how they together culminated into the final design. As part of the original project description it was requested that the character was to be loosely based on our own appearance, and therefore I have also included a self-portrait breakdown below, as well as some other sketches from the design process.

(Above) Self-portrait breakdown
(Below) Silhouette exaggerations, Model sheet

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