Makao Island

Makao Island (3 minute Game Trailer)

Team Makao

Created by Team Makao as a bachelor’s degree exam, Makao Island is a first person environmental experience in the form of a game. The Team consisted of six members in total, where Madina Angelina Bakiyeva, Gunhild Bø and myself worked as 3D modellers, Maia Anderssen and Zuzanna Piech were the team’s concept artists, and Camilla Merete Ødegaard worked as the programmer (altough we all had additional responsibilities). The Project spanned two semesters and was completed the 22.nd of May, and got us the final grade of A. It is entirely free to play, and can be found at this link.


You, the player, wake up on the beach of an unknown island. A mythical spirit animal appears before you and guides you to a large gate dawning four symbols carved in the stone doors. You are presented with a map of the island as the animal vanishes, and one of the symbols lights up. This starts your journey on the island, where you have the freedom to explore at your own pace. To open the gate, you have to find the different spirit animals connected to the symbols on the gate. It is only by listening to the inhabitants of the island and experiencing its culture and environment that this goal will be achieved. The game has an underlying story about moving on to the afterlife, which presents itself through each player’s interpretation of the game’s events.

So go forth! Explore and experience the village’s culture, the island’s nature and its slightly mythical ecosystem. Makao Island is made to be a relaxing player experience, and has a dynamic day/night cycleand colorful low-poly art so that the journey of the player will be an esthetically pleasing one.

Gameplay video and short trailer

Below are both a 20 minute gameplay video, and a 30 second game trailer used as an intro at the team’s oral exam. The gameplay video features an entire playthrough of the game, and the trailer is a condensed form of the longer trailer but also includes some new clips to quickly recap the game’s most esthetic elements. If you would rather experience it than having it spoiled by this video, follow this link to download the game for free.

Makao Island (20 minute Gameplay Video)
Makao Island (30 second Game Trailer)


Below, you can find a selection of screenshots that showcase a variety of elements from the world of Makao Island.

And hey – If you decide to try it, I might have left some things out of the gallery to keep your inner explorer appeased!

My Contributions

Listed below are my main responsabilities and contributions to Makao Island. As well as working as a 3D modeller, I took on the additional roles of level designer and group manager. All three roles were filled with challenges and new knowledge I thoroughly enjoyed learning. I have created this Sketchfab scene to showcase a collection of my models from the game – buildings, trees, terrain and more.

Level Design and Terrain

Since the outset of this project, I really appreciated the opportunity to challenge myself as a rookie level designer, and during the process of making this game, I learned a lot about it! The visual design process for the terrain consisted of tight-knit itterative workflow between the team’s concept artists, Maia and Zuzanna, and myself. All the final decisions and the modelling was done by yours truly.


The buildings’ design was shaped by two key choices. The team wanted a semi-modular layout to introduce more variation, and wanted the design to fit with our inspirational sources. Through constructive ping-ponging with the concept artists, the look of the buildings were finalised, modelled and added to the game. Additionally, the buildings play an important role in the level design by staging the different areas for the player. To inspect the buildings more closely, follow the link under “My Contributions”.


The flora of Makao Island were modelled by all three of the group’s 3D modellers. The ones in the screenshots below are the ones I made, and If you follow this link you can find a Skethfab scene where you take a closer look.

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